Developmental Psychology LIVE – Spring 2020


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INSTRUCTOR: Jean Morée, M.S., Ed.S.

This is a semester-long (15-week) high-school course with live online 1-hour lectures once a week, on Thursdays at 12:30 PM EST, starting on January 16th and running through April 30th. This course is taught using content standards for high school psychology curricula set by the American Psychological Association as a guide.

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior.  Psychology is a scientific discipline that promotes evidence-based decision-making about psychological issues.  It is interesting and fun…and gives students an opportunity to think critically and learn about different theories and explanations for behavior.

Students can attend the live online sessions or if your schedule doesn’t allow for it, you can watch the class recording at your convenience. A webcam is not required.

Coursework includes weekly assigned readings, quizzes, online activities, multimedia presentations on certain topics, and an end-of-year project/paper. Students have commented that this class was the first time they had FUN HOMEWORK.

This course covers the psychology of human life span development including intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of the normal individual and emphasizing childhood and adolescent development. The purpose of this course is to learn about the biological, physical, cognitive, and emotional changes across the life span, from prenatal and birth through the major stages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Separate textbook purchase required (can be bought used and is affordable) – a link for purchase will be provided when you enroll.