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Welcome to the Proper Scholar!

My name is Jean Morée (pictured here with my family) and I’m a homeschooling mom to three children: ages 17, 9, and 8. I have one child with dyslexia and another child with disabilities.

We have been homeschooling since 2009 when we pulled my oldest out of school after second grade. It was, without a doubt, the best thing we ever did.

I am very passionate about homeschooling and truly believe that every parent can homeschool if they truly want to and have the right tools (which is what prompted me to start my former website “Homeschool Library” many years ago).

Feel free to reach out! I love hearing from homeschooling families!

-- Jean

My background:

  • An M.S. in Counseling & Human Systems
  • An Ed.S. (Educational Specialist degree, beyond the Master's Degree)
  • 11 years as a therapist
  • Former adjunct professor at a private college, teaching psychology, sociology, and algebra.
  • Former violin instructor.
  • Online instructor teaching high school psychology courses.
  • Providing homeschool consulting services to many families who were beginning to homeschool or struggling with homeschooling.

Looking Ahead

As I move on from the Homeschool Library website I started many years ago, I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things The Proper Scholar will be offering.

I’m very excited to be teaching online high school psychology courses again. I’ve had some of the best students in previous classes and I’ve really enjoyed the interaction during class time.

I’m also very excited about some new services that I can offer through The Proper Scholar! So stay tuned for those announcements!